May 25, 2012
The end of an era

Just got back from the biochemistry of disease exam. 

It has been a horrendously tumultuous exam season. I don’t think I’ve ever been pushed so hard, it’s been brutal getting the dissertation, grant proposal, clinical trial design and revision for consecutive exams done. 

But now. It’s over. After a harrowing start to the exam season with me walking into the exam realising I forgot to take my pen, and opening the paper to mentally respond with ‘dafuq?’, I feel todays exam made the peace with me. As if Biochemistry was like, sorry about that initial hiccup, here, have some questions geared to your stregnths.

Well, thank you. Hoping I did myself justice in that paper. Don’t know how my dissertation went, but hoping my supervisor saw something in me and decides to be nice. 

But until the dreaded results, it’s time to stand back and rest.

Currently blasting Rise Against, LostProphets and Green Day from the iPod dock, just taking in being comparatively free.


to Kotov Syndrome, except on my swivel chair…

Probably gonna eat some cereal cause it’s awesome. Though I do believe I only have muesli which is inferior to other cereals I enjoy eating

And now I feel like dancing, so Dance I shall.

And in two weeks I’m off to Download festival with aimingforthetemporallobe to see the mighty Rise Against and just rock out and I’ll probably see Tim McIlrath and be all like


cause I have a habit of fan-girling like that.

But for now, I shall savour this fleeting moment of freedom, for difficulties lie on the uncertain road ahead. I have a future to forge for myself. Nobody else will help me do it, and neither should they. But before we tackle the next hurdle, let’s enjoy life a little. Download festival, a possible road trip to Switzerland with  amisanthropichumanist and aimingforthetemporallobe (I think) and and the joy of just hanging out with the people I’ve come to know and love from Notts. We shall be going our separate ways very soon, afterall.

Do you care to be the layer of the bricks that seal your fate?
Or would you rather be the architect of what we might create?

-‘Architects’ - Rise Against

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