January 8, 2012
A roundup of some fine folk

I really like this question, because it’s rather easy to answer and I haven’t checked my Tumblr crushes in ages so it’ll be interesting to see where most of my love is going.

As of Jan 8th 2012, here they be:

9 - violenceandscience

  This blog is deeply personal, and wonderfully insightful. Some of the more outstanding posts include intriguing ideas on feminism & gender, and insights into the inner workings of forensic pathology.

8 - ryrnun

  A personal blog from a musical Colorado lass. My first follower who I hadn’t met before (making her my second follower), so has put up with my incessant ramblings on science and life (and some of my more cringeworthy posts) for the best part of a year-and-a-half. She posts some awesome photos, and tells amusing tales about a rabbit called Pepper. I now want a rabbit.

7 - orangushamstursaurus

Three words: Oranges. Rats. Medicine.

Orangehamstursaurus’ blog chronicles the academic hardships on the journey of an aspiring medic. A very honest, open and poignant blog, accompanied by cool pictures of a medical and/or Dubai nature.

6 - nocountryforslaughter

Not sure where to start with this one. Posts of a phallic/Nicolas Cage/Ukrainian/Russian/Post Apocalyptic/Film/Blurry-GPOY nature from a misanthropic Canadian, with personal anecdotes ranging from the hilarious to the downright bizarre - or even a bit of both at once. A fascinating, and brutally real perspective on life. There’s no dressing up reality in this one.

5 - azalulu

Put all the Harry Potter aside for a moment, and there are some really warming GIF’s from varying corners of modern pop-culture. Not much else to say apart from that. It makes me smile. I like being made to smile.

4 - doctorwho

Yes. It’s the official Doctor Who blog. I’m a Whovian.

Also - Karen Gillan. That will be all.

3 - ianbrooks

Nerdy fun, from posts on niche, unique inventions and technologies to pictures of awesome pieces of alternative modern artwork. I mean, like, real freakin awesome pieces of artwork (not his own work, this blog just accumulates cool stuff like that). Like - art inspired by Portal and Minecraft…. I play Minecraft. Blame amisanthropichumanist for that.

2 - lithiatedlemonsoda

Anarchism, Punk and anti-capitalism are the order of the day in lithiatedlemonsoda’s blog. The name is also totally awesome, cause it’s like an allusion to Lithium salts (which, incidentally, are used prophylactically to treat the mania phases in bipolar depression. Can’t remember the mechanism anymore, but I remember something to do with interference in the inositol triphosphate (IP3) pathway). Contains great quotes that I generally can find some agreement with, and just general awesomeness on a whole.

1 - philphys

Ah yes. My man, Philphys. He isn’t really my man, I don’t actually know Philphys, but he seems like the sort of dude I’d like to meet. Not the point. A blog about Philosophy, Physics and Mathematics which really provokes thought. Not surprised this has topped my Tumblr Crushes list, as there’s always an inspiring quote, image or article on something science related. It’s philosophy presented in a most credible form, and just seems really pure. This guy knows what he’s talking about. If you’re a scientist who thinks they don’t have much time for philosophy, you should check this blog out, or ask this guy some questions in his ask. One thing he said really stood out:

'Philosophy is hypothesis generating. Science is hypothesis verifying'

To expand on this I’d say, that’s not to say science doesn’t generate hypotheses (of course it does! It generates loads). It’s implying that philosophy can generate them too - but it’s ultimately up to the scientific method to validate a philosophical assertion. Pure logic doesn’t always hold, because logic is a human(though not necessarily exclusive to humans)/cognitive ability which relies on knowledge and experiences we already have - and some things seem counter intuitive or illogical to us because we simply do not know enough on the intricate workings of the matter at hand. The human mind is limited, and there is no substitute for hard evidence gathered in a systematic and unbiased fashion - enter, science.

A bit off topic there, but it’s an example of how Philphys’ blog is intellectually stimulating and raises my awareness of topics and issues such as the conflict, compromise and coexistence of philosophy and science.


I really enjoyed writing this post. Perhaps I’ll do another like this in a few weeks. ^_^

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